Office 365 for Students

  • Students may access O365 email using the online/web accessible version. It is accessible via MyCalhoun at or via the O365 portal at You may also access email directly at if you prefer not to use either portal.
  • Due to the implementation of O365, Calhoun has changed the email naming convention. For example, a previous student email was, in Office 365 the email address would be All email addresses follow the same naming convention. (
  • Your MyCalhoun Portal and Office365 account will remain available only while you are an active student. Once you have not been enrolled at the college for 18 months your account and all data associated with it will be deleted. Please save off important data before you are no longer enrolled at the college.
  • It is a good practice to save all your O365 information at the end of each semester. Therefore having your data available prior to the cleanup process, which will occur 18 months after your last attendance.
  • You may download the O365 suite to five personal devices, including mobile devices. If you are able to log in to the Office365 portal but have difficulty downloading the Microsoft applications to your personal device, you must contact Microsoft for assistance. This is an amenity and free service provided by Calhoun Community College. After your account is successfully created and accessible, you must contact Microsoft for all other support issues.
  • Students will also be able to access O365 email using Microsoft Outlook. For those not familiar with Outlook, basic training from Microsoft can be found here: A quick start guide for Outlook can be viewed and downloaded here: