Steps for Reporting Offenses

A victim of a sexual or domestic offense crime including: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence or Stalking should immediately report it to Campus Police by dialing 256-306-2575 or 2575 from any extension on the Decatur campus, and 256-890-4711 or 4711 from any extension on the Huntsville campus. Campus Police will conduct a full investigation of the crime and a report will be filed by the investigating officer. All information will be kept confidential by Alabama State Law. The victim will be informed of the steps of the investigation as well as the steps of the judicial system. The Dean of Students will be notified of any above listed crimes in reference to Calhoun students. The Human Resources Director will be notified of any of the above listed crimes in reference to Calhoun employees.

In the event that a police officer is not readily available, victims should immediately seek out the assistance of the nearest identified campus safety authority (CSA).

  • Assistance will be provided in reporting a crime to off-campus law enforcement by campus authorities.
  • In the event of a sexual crime, assistance is available in the student services office for making referrals to crises services and counseling services.

Standard of Proof Required for Disciplinary Hearings

The standard proof in disciplinary hearings goes to the preponderance of the evidence. This means that the evidence presented in the case is more likely true than not true; must be greater than 50% probability that the evidence is true. Can be as close as 51% vs 49% and meet this standard as opposed to guilty beyond reasonable doubt which is the standard for criminal cases.