What is CCC ALERT?

CCC ALERT is the latest addition to Calhoun’s emergency notification system.  It will be activated during situation posing an imminent (or ongoing) campus or college-wide threat or danger to the safety of the CCC community.  It is a free service that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

CCC ALERT joins our current system of SPACE emails, website postings, and notifications to local TV and radio stations of emergency situations.  All information you provide is private and WILL NOT be shared or used for any purpose other than emergency communication to you.

How will CCC ALERT notify me of an emergency?

CCC ALERT will send messages to all the delivery methods you choose.  You can indicate how you want to be contacted on the signup form.  You may add, delete, or change the order of those contacts at any time through the CCC Alert web page link using your individual login.  All of the emergency contacts you enter on your sign-up form will receive the alerts.  If you do not answer your phone, the system will attempt to leave you a voice message.

What emergencies will trigger the CCC ALERT system?

CCC ALERT is designed to alert members of the CCC community during an emergency posing an imminent (or ongoing), campus or college-wide threat or danger.  This could include (but is not limited to) weather emergencies, campus closings due to water or electrical outages, or a Virginia Tech-type event.

Routine information about upcoming dates (registration, payment deadlines, book buy-backs, etc) or campus events (plays, concerts, cook-outs, games, etc) WILL NOT be broadcast via the CCC ALERT Emergency Notification System.  Watch your SPACE account, flat-panel screens around campus, or visit the Calhoun website for that kind of information.

Why should I log-in?

CCC ALERT is the easiest, most efficient and accurate way to learn about any emergency situation affecting Calhoun Community College.

How do I log-in?

Log In Here


What is my Username and Initial Password?

Your username will be your Calhoun issued 9-Digit “C” Number.  The default password will be your Birth Date in the following format “MMDDYY”

For example if your birthdate is Sept 12, 1994: 

username: C00123456
password: 091294

We strongly recommend you modify your password on your initial login. Once logged in, you will be able to add or update your emergency contact information at any time through this site.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR UPDATING YOUR INFORMATION AS IT CHANGES THROUGHOUT THE SEMESTER.

Why should I list more than one device when subscribing to CCC ALERT?

Redundant, overlapping, and consistent communication is an important component of any emergency plan.  CCC ALERT is designed to facilitate early notification during emergencies.  Sending the same messages using multiple modes and methods helps assure that those affected have accurate access to all warning messages and alerts to help keep them safe and informed.

How do I know if I’m signed up?

If you can access the CCC Alert site, you are signed up.

Will my information be kept private?

Yes.  The information you provide to the CCC ALERT system is private and WILL NOT be shared with anyone or used for any purpose other than emergency communication.

When should I expect to receive notifications?

After your initial login, the CCC ALERT system may be tested periodically.  During a test, you will receive a message indicating “Test” and it may or may not request a response on your part.  This will allow us to ensure the system is functioning properly, and that users are receiving messages.  Other than these periodic test messages, CCC ALERT will only notify you when there’s an actual emergency or threat to your safety or about weather emergencies or other unplanned college closings.

What will happen when CCC ALERT is activated?

Once an emergency has been identified, CCC ALERT will send messages and calls simultaneously to all student, faculty, and staff listed devices.  All emergency contacts you entered on your sign-up form will receive the alert.  If you don’t answer your phone, the system will attempt to leave you a voice message.  Read or listen to these messages carefully and follow any instructions they contain.  Additional instructions may follow throughout the emergency situation, so keep your device accessible and check for messages often.

How will I know when a call or message is from CCC ALERT?

Calls from CCC ALERT to land lines will show as “School Call”.  Emails sent via CCC ALERT will be specific to the emergency incident.  The CCC ALERT system is NOT set up to receive incoming emails.

Does CCC ALERT work with my cell phone provider?

CCC ALERT can contact any phone number regardless of the service provider.

Will we receive campus-wide emails about emergency situations on campus?

Yes.  CCC ALERT is an addition to all of Calhoun current emergency notification tools (website messages, SPACE emails, and local TV and Radio station announcements.)  Those tools will continue to be used for situations that warrant their use, especially for non-emergency closings (i.e. overnight weather events, etc.)

Is there a fee to participate?  Am I required to sign up for CCC ALERT?

CCC ALERT is a free and voluntary service to students, faculty, and staff.  All members of the Calhoun community are encouraged, but not required, to participate.

Can my parents/ spouse/ children receive CCC ALERT notifications?

There is no limit to the number of devices you may enter to be notified by CCC ALERT, however, only registered students or staff and faculty will have access to the account.  It is up to you access your account to add or remove extra devices.

Is text messaging the best way to receive alerts?

While text messaging is one way to receive CCC ALERT notifications, its effectiveness is inherently limited by your service provider capacity to deliver these messages.  Calhoun encourages CCC ALERT subscribers to sign up multiple device methods and not to rely on text messaging alone to receive emergency notifications.  If you have not used text messaging in the past, check with your service provider to see if it is available for your phone.  You are responsible for any fees charged by your provider for text messaging.

What is the technical backbone of CCC ALERT?

The college has partnered with High Ground Solutions to interface with their SchoolCast product. The company is located in Birmingham, Alabama and provides services to 35 schools in Alabama and has over 3 million users worldwide.

Will I receive unsolicited messages or SPAM from CCC ALERT?

No.  The CCC ALERT system has a rigid security policy in which only a few, authorized college personnel have access to initiate messages using the system.  In addition, the contact information you entered into the CCC ALERT directory will only be provided to W.A.R.N. for the explicit purposes of notifying you in the event of any emergency.  W.A.R.N. does not have rights to sell, disclose, or trade your contact information, or to use it for any purpose other than notifying you via the CCC ALERT Emergency Notification System.

The notification for my CCC ALERT subscription is on, but I have not received a test message.  What do I need to do?

Message delivery and the timeliness of the delivery are not guaranteed, and depend on a variety of factors including the battery life in your mobile device, signal strength, cell tower traffic, etc.  The college will post emergency information through various communication vehicles (SPACE email, website posting, local TV and Radio announcements), so be aware that your CCC ALERT should not be your only source of emergency information.  The college and W.A.R.N.TM , a product of W.A.R.N., LLC, are not responsible for text or voice messages that are not received.

Why did I receive my CCC ALERT test message later than my friends or colleagues?

Text or voice messages distributed at the same time may reach different mobile devices using different cell carriers at different times.  Message delivery and the timeliness of the delivery are not guaranteed and depend on a wide variety of factors including mobile device battery life, signal strength, cell tower traffic, etc.

Do I need to respond to a CCC ALERT test message?

Not normally.  During a test, however, the CCC ALERT text or voice message will provide you with instructions if any response is needed.  In certain circumstances, you MAY be asked to dial a phone number to acknowledge receipt of the message, or instructed to go to a web site and complete a short survey.  In either case, be sure to record the letter and number of the test you are taking part in (it will be included in the message) and note the exact time you received the message for future reference.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any additional questions about the CCC ALERT Emergency Notification Systems, please email or call 256-306-2527