Faculty Development

Jennie Walts, Director of Faculty Development
(256) 306-2616

Faculty Development supports the mission of Calhoun Community College by providing relevant professional development and faculty support to promote excellence in teaching and learning. The office fulfills this mission through:

  • Providing newly hired tenure-track faculty with a solid base and introduction to the college through the on-boarding program,
  • Providing professional development opportunities to all faculty –full and part-time,
  • Providing in-house training and resources to support faculty in the classroom to increase student retention and success.

Faculty have access to a number of resources through the Faculty Community in Blackboard. This community brings together all faculty at Calhoun, full and part-time. Housed here is information about professional development opportunities (internal and external), instructional best practices, faculty resources and support services for students. Faculty are encouraged to check the community often for updates and opportunities. The community is accessed through the instructor’s Blackboard account.

Internal opportunities for professional development include:

  • Super Teacher – Teachers for Excellence
  • Creative Teacher Series
  • Faculty Learning Communities
  • Teaching and Learning Taskforce

The newly formed Faculty Development Advisory Committee provides suggestions on professional development needs for faculty. Minutes from committee meetings can be found on Calhoun’s Personnel Webpage.

As director, I welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions related to professional development. My door is always open. My office is located in the Noble Russell Building in Room 155. My phone number is 256-306-2616, or via email at jennie.walts@calhoun.edu.