Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board Guidelines and Application Process

The IRB approval process consists of the following steps:

  • Researcher determines the type of approval requested:
    • Full IRB Review – requires full proposal
    • Expedited Review – requires justification of “expedited” status
    • Exempt Status – requires justification of “exempt” status
  • Researcher submits the Application for Approval to Involve Human Subjects in Research (below).
  • IRB Administrator convenes the IRB committee, if necessary; for studies that are “exempt” or “expedited,” the IRB committee may review materials through electronic meetings.
  • Researcher is notified of the IRB decision. At times, the IRB may request changes in research procedures to comply with federal guidelines, appropriate research methodologies, or ethical standards.
  • Research can not be conducted at Calhoun, physically or virtually, without written permission to use the premises.  Request for permission to use the premises must be submitted to the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  This permission is separate and independent of the IRB.