Faculty Senate

What is the Faculty Senate?

It is a senate of Faculty members (Counselors, Instructors, & Librarians) representing the entire Faculty of Calhoun Community College.

What is the purpose of the Faculty Senate?

  • Provides a Faculty role in Institutional Governance.
  • Works closely with Faculty to keep them informed about issues of interest and issues that concern them.
  • Studies issues in response to requests.
  • Submits written reports of its findings and recommendations.
  • The senate chair meets at least once a month with the Dean of Instruction and/or the Vice President.
  • Works in cooperation with other personnel at the college to accomplish the college’s mission.

What is the goal of the Faculty Senate?

The goal of the Faculty Senate is to represent the interest of the Faculty to the Administration and the Public, and to provide good communications with them.  The Faculty Senate recognizes that the best interest of the Faculty is served by a college that has good relations among all personnel and with the community; is vigorous and forward-looking; and is focused on accomplishing its mission.

What is the mission of Faculty Senate?

Ensuring the success of its students and enhancing the quality of life for those it serves.