Generic Syllabi

General course syllabi shall be kept on file in the Office of the Vice President for Instruction and in the offices of Department and Division Chairpersons and Site Directors. In addition, each faculty member must submit to the Department or Division Chairperson and Site Director by the third class meeting of each semester, an individualized syllabus for all courses taught. This same individualized syllabus should be given to each student in every class by the first class meeting of the semester. The attached generic syllabus may be used in creating your individualized course syllabus and should contain information the student needs to succeed in the course and should include, as a minimum, all the information on the generic syllabus.

In addition, faculty are required to post a separate College Syllabus, which has all the general policies that apply across the whole college to every class.  Please use this url (not the resulting url) to post on Blackboard: