TutorTrac/SAGE Resource for Faculty and Staff

What is SAGE Early Alert?

SAGE Early Alert provides a significant enhancement to your Trac System, opening additional layers of interaction and communication with faculty, students, and staff. Quickly identify potential problems and easily provide early alerts before issues become serious. Intervene by creating referrals for students, utilizing a custom, simple, and intuitive form. Recommend specific actions for the student, such as attend a workshop, visit a tutoring or learning center, speak with an advisor or coach, meet with their course professor, or other tailored procedures. Send targeted emails to the various parties that need to receive notice of the alert with follow-up reporting and tracking. Expand the functionality of your Trac System and develop a powerful and easy-to-use early alert system with SAGE.

When will SAGE be implemented?

Spring 2018, we implemented our Student Alert and Group Event (SAGE) Program. This program allows faculty members to make student referrals on students that may need more planning, advising, or assistance outside of the classroom environment.

How will SAGE help College Faculty, Staff, and Students?

SAGE offers instructors/faculty an easy way to identify potential problems and provide an early alert referral on students that may need specific assistance or resources. Some specific areas may be to visit a tutoring or learning center, see assigned advisor, or attend a seminar. When a pattern of behavior causes concern, faculty members can generate a student referral. An email notification is generated to the student and the Calhoun TutorTrac Administrator. This email details the specifics of the concern and the recommendation(s).

When do instructors raise “flags” or alert students of their progress?

Student success is very important and the sooner the students can get the help or individualized instruction that is needed, the better. Faculty members are encouraged to provide early alerts, before the issues get out of hand and become serious. Early intervention can help get the students to the resources and services needed to help them get back and stay on track to completion.

What “flags” can the instructor raise?

The instructor can raise flags for Lack of Attendance, Excessive Tardiness, Missing/Late/Incomplete Assignments, and Low Scores on Test/Quizzes. They can also raise flags due to Behavioral Concerns or General Concerns by submitting that information in the “Other” box.  Comments are NOT visible to the students, and all comments are disclosable by FERPA. All comments from instructors should be for the betterment of the student, not about the student. .

What if instructors have concerns that are not listed in SAGE?

If instructors have concerns that are not listed, they can refer students directly to that office or department. For example, concerns about students with a disability should be referred to the ADA Office. If concerns are about the student’s mental health, students should be referred directly to the Dean of Student Affairs Office. If instructors have concerns about disruptive/inappropriate behavior or conduct problems, they should submit the referral form to the Dean for Student Affairs Office.

Whom does the email message come from?

The automated email message to students comes from the instructor to make the message more personal and encourage the student to follow through with the recommendation.

What happens after an instructor submits a student referral?

  1. Student receive an automated email from their instructor with all raised concerns and recommendations.
  2. Students are directed to follow through with the recommendation by visiting the appropriate office.
  3. The STAR Institute Student Success Coordinator will follow-up with the instructor after concerns and appropriate resources have been discussed with their student. The follow-up will take place within one week of the submission.
  4. Appropriate Student Support Services will follow-up with students for Behavioral or Discipline Issues.

Who is the College Lead for SAGE?

Mrs. Valerie Cox is the Director of the STAR Institute, and is the College Lead. The STAR Institute Student Success Coordinators, Mrs. Lisa H. Fletcher- Decatur Coordinator  and Mrs. Felisha Taylor-Huntsville Coordinator  are responsible for the oversight of SAGE and following up on all information as it pertains to SAGE.