Fall Semester Plan: Financial Aid

Financial Aid employees are staying abreast of the day-to-day.  Financial Aid personnel will be able to continue to keep up with student needs effectively online.

  • Verification
  • Appeals
  • Loans
  • R2T4
  • VA
  • Withdrawals
  • Scholarships
  • Work-Study
  • Disbursements
  • End of term processing Non-attendance deletion


  • Emails – All Financial Aid employees can monitor the FinAid email account and the Financial Aid Staff email account remotely and respond accordingly and timely. Financial Aid information will be disseminated through an automatic process that runs daily.
  • Phone Calls – The EdFinancial Call Center continues to service the students through phone calls. The Financial Aid Assistant Director can remotely monitor call escalations from the Call Center through the EdFinancial SharePoint website and will ensure a timely response.


  • The CCC website has and will continue to have and promote the finaid@calhoun.edu link to all students and prospective students for assistance. All Financial Aid employees can monitor finaid@calhoun.edu and the Financial Aid Staff email account remotely and respond accordingly and timely.  All Financial Aid related information on the Calhoun website is accurate and up-to-date.  Contact information and general instructions are easily accessible.

Interaction/Office Visits:

  • The Financial Office will provide as many services as possible through online, email, or remote processes. Financial Aid will provide appointment only office visits for processes that cannot be completed remotely, in a student friendly manner, with ease of access and timely responses.

PPE/Safety protocol:

  • The Financial Aid Office has implemented safety protocols and procedures when office visits are necessary: social-distancing protocols, protective barriers, hand sanitizing stations, and restricted number entering the office.
  • Enhanced and increased levels of cleaning will be performed to mitigate the risk of

COVID-19 transmission. This will be performed in the employee’s work area, in all common areas, and in high-touch surfaces. Calhoun has provided hand sanitizer, cleaning and disinfecting supplies, and facial coverings.

  • Signage has been posted within the Financial Aid Office regarding hand hygiene, signs/symptoms of COVID-19, and social distancing reminders.