Section I — The organization described in these by-laws at Calhoun Community College shall be known as the Black Student Alliance hereafter may be referred to as BSA.


Section I — The purpose of the Black Student Alliance is to serve as a means of promoting unity, success and involvement for Black Students.


Section I — Membership in the Black Student Alliance Club shall be granted to those students who are registered full or part-time and agree to abide by the rules of the organization.

Section II — Club members are expected to be present at all meetings, unless excused or an emergency prevents them from attending.

Section III — The rights and duties of members are:

  1. To be responsible for knowing the official by-laws of the organization.
  2. To support and cooperate with the advisor(s) and board members.
  3. To be enthusiastic and supportive of all activities and events the club elects.
  4. To be loyal and uphold BSA in a positive manner at all times.
  5. To be a valuable asset to the success of the Black Student Alliance.
  6. To vote (excluding the President) on all motions, nominations, and elections.
  7. To address any conflict of interest that one may have with the club and/or any (or all) of its board member in an appropriate manner.
    1. Any personal grievances or complaints shall be addressed aside from the general meeting.
    2. Any of these issues shall be addressed privately in a constructive manner with at least one Advisor, the President, and whoever else is deemed necessary to effectively resolve the problem(s).



Section I — The Board of this organization shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Student Government Association Representative.

Section II — The officers shall be elected by the members of the organization for a term of one year at the last club meeting of the year. Any offices that become vacant shall be filled by special election.


Section I — Members of the Board shall have a strong sense of ethics.

Section II — The Board members of the Black Student Alliance shall invest whole-heartedly in its purpose.

Section III — Each Board member must have and continue to improve upon his or her ability to work with and through people effectively.

Section IV — Individually as well as collectively, the Board members shall always strive to build morale, provide interesting work and show full appreciation of members’ works and input.


Section I — The President:

  • Plans the agenda.
  • Conducts meetings, using parliamentary procedure.
  • Submits activity forms to advisor(s) for approval.
  • Assists and works closely with advisor(s).
  • Appoints committees, assign tasks, and follow up.
  • Votes in a tie.
  • Keeps a notebook of agendas, copies of activity forms filed, calendar of activities and deadlines.
  • Delegates responsibilities to fellow officers as he or she sees fit.

Section II — The Vice President:

  • Conducts meetings in the president’s absence.
  • Keeps files of membership forms.
  • Serves as chair of program or event committee.
  • Works with committee members to obtain whatever may be necessary.
  • Registers all events on college calendar.
  • Handles publicity of the clubs meetings, events and activities. Notifies the Public Relations department of the college of all relevant information in ample time for publicity.
  • In an event of vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice President shall take the place of the President.

Section III — The Secretary:

  • Records and reads minutes at meetings.
  • Handles correspondence for the club, including thank you notes to speakers.
  • Takes roll or distributes sign in sheet at meetings.
  • Keeps roster of members.
  • Keeps list of all committees and reports in notebook.
  • Keeps minutes and roll in notebook for next secretary.

Section IV — The Treasurer:

  • Keeps financial records of expenditures and receipts.
  • Collects the money and records financial transaction for the club.
  • Reports financial status at business meetings.
  • Requests funds for approved activities.
  • Maintains a receipt book.
  • Works closely with advisor(s) and business office as necessary.
  • Keeps notebook of records to hand to next treasurer.

Section V — Student Government Association Representative:

  • Represents the Black Student Alliance at SGA meetings.
  • Completes any forms necessary for BSA to maintain recognition by the SGA.
  • Lobbies for funds from the Dean of Student’s Office.


Section I — The Sponsor(s) shall be a member of the faculty or staff of Calhoun Community College.


Section I — Official club meetings shall be held once a month as established by the organization.

Section II — A special meeting (which may include but is not limited to a brainstorming session, to plan for an upcoming activity or event, etc.) can be called by the President or by the request of three (3) members. An advisor should be notified of the meeting and promptly updated as to the results of the meeting if the advisor cannot be present.

Section III — A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the members present.

Section IV — Bona fide members only, shall have the right to vote at any meeting.


Section I — The Vice President shall head all committees and each committee shall consist of three (3) additional members of the organization. The members may either volunteer or be appointed by the President.


Section I — Proposals to amend these by-laws must originate from an official member or Club Advisor and require a majority vote to be considered;

  1. Once the votes to amend the by-laws have been obtained, the proposal must be discussed and voted on by all bona fide members.
  2. At the next meeting, a second and final vote must be taken to ratify the amendment.
  3. Amendments require a majority vote from BSA members to pass.
  4. All ratified amendments shall take effect immediately upon passage.