Presidential Honors Program

Welcome from our President

We’re glad you are interested in Calhoun’s Presidential Honors Program which offers talented, highly motivated students the opportunity to enjoy a full educational experience with enhanced academic, social, co-curricular, extra-curricular, and financial support. This program is designed for high achieving students who want a rewarding, fun college experience as well as a successful future. Explore our website to find out how this program can benefit you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Joe Burke
Interim President,
Calhoun Community College

What is Honors Education?

What the National Collegiate Honors Council has to say

Honors Programs at 2-Year Colleges: Two Plus Two Equals a Winning Combination

For any freshman, starting college can be an extremely exciting and sometimes frightening experience. Academically talented students are faced with the usual freshman pressures. Like other freshmen, they can be overwhelmed by new social freedoms, but they have the added pressure of high expectations for their academic performance. Honors programs and Honors colleges offer some very special opportunities for these talented students to ease into college bolstered by a sense of community that comes from the Honors environment.

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What is an Honors Course?

There is no formula for developing and teaching an honors course. Basically, an honors course delves deeper into the subject matter and challenges students in ways that a non-honors course does not. An honors course does not require students to do more work; it requires students to complete work that is of a higher quality with more academic rigor than work assigned in non-honors courses.

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Presidential Honors Program Learning Outcomes

Calhoun Community College’s Presidential Honors Program is committed to providing students an exceptional learning experience, focusing on the areas of critical thinking, communication, diversity of thought, and civic engagement and leadership. By having well‐defined program outcomes as a guide, our courses are positioned to implement and assess quality educational experiences. These outcomes also support our institutional learning goals, further strengthening the connection to overall student learning at Calhoun Community College.

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Contact us

Leah Fountain
English Instructor
Decatur Campus
Phone: 256-306-2729
Sara Sayle
Honors Program Coordinator/Psychology Faculty
Huntsville Campus