Warhawk Ambassador

Warhawks are the official hosts and hostesses that represent Calhoun at special events and receptions. We work hard and have fun doing it. We take pride in our school and our community and serve both by assisting with such activities as campus tours, high school college programs, local organizations, and other club and groups on campus with enthusiasm – all while keeping our grades up. It’s a great way to meet other students, faculty and administrators, and become involved in student activities and your community.

What is a WARHAWK?

The Warhawks are a 15-25 member group of students selected each year to serve Calhoun Community College as student hosts and hostesses. Members are chosen through an interview/tryout process.

What are the requirements for being a WARHAWK?

  • Fill out the online application and attach a letter of reference
  • Have a GPA of at least 3.0/4.0 (those who have and maintain a 3.0 receive a partial scholarship equivalent to a 6 semester hour class during fall and spring semesters)
  • Warhawk members shall be full-time (12 semester hours), currently enrolled students during their entire term of membership.
  • Attend the weekly meeting on Wednesdays @ 1pm
  • Warhawks work a set service/office hour around their class times each week
  • Warhawks have a minimum number of events and activities that they participate in each semester (Warhawks should schedule classes around this time).
  • Warhawks should be able to commit to serving as a Warhawk both fall and spring semesters.
  • Warhawks may be first-time freshmen or students returning for a second year at Calhoun. We encourage those who are applying to become a Warhawk to be willing to commit to two years (the maximum number of years that may be served as a Warhawk is two).
  • While we encourage students to be involved in other clubs, organizations and programs, those applying to be a Warhawk should understand that sometimes those other commitments may interfere with their duties as a Warhawk (i.e. nursing students have a particularly hard time completing their Warhawk duties because of their heavy workload and study time).
  • Please NOTE: Those selected as a Warhawk who resign their duties after any uniform items have been ordered and any scholarship awards have been issued, will be responsible for repaying the costs of the items and returning any scholarship monies awarded. Until this has been repaid, a hold will be placed on their records which will prevent the student from registering or transferring.

See all the Policies/Procedures for Warhawks.

What do WARHAWKS do?

Warhawks are involved in a wide variety of duties both on and off campus campus tours, attending many campus events as official hosts/hostesses, high school college programs, involvement with local charitable organizations, and support of other clubs and groups on campus during their various activities and functions.

What kind of students make good WARHAWKS?

Warhawks are hard workers. They study hard, work at Warhawk functions with determination, and pride themselves on the excellent reputation this enthusiasm and quality has gained them among the faculty and their fellow students. Warhawks always present the best possible appearance whether hosting at a campus reception or washing cars for charity. Above all else, the best Warhawks are those that take pride in themselves, in Calhoun and its mission, and in the community’s image.