Freshman Seminar

Welcome to Calhoun! We understand that the college process is new and can sometimes seem overwhelming. To help, we have created the Orientation course just for first time freshman and non-traditional students.

What is it?

This course is required for all incoming freshmen (and transfer students with less than twelve credit hours completed) and is offered in two different formats, ORI 110 Freshman Seminar and ORI 105 Orientation and Student Success.

ORI 110

The ORI 110 course is a one-credit hour Freshman Seminar course offered in a mini-mester format, which lasts just about 8 weeks (7 in the summer). This course is designed for students placing into college level coursework who are comfortable in a fast paced learning environment, comfortable with technology and online formats. We offer the following courses in ORI 110:

Traditional- This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop and enhance their technology skills, explore careers and majors, and develop a personalized program of study that will map out their educational and career goals through a portfolio. Primary focus will be placed on: Meeting and working with the student’s advisor to develop a strong plan of study; enhancing their skills in locating and gathering information; and engaging in critical thinking. Students will finish the course with various resources/knowledge of resources or a tentative pathway to their degree.

FAME- Reserved for students accepted into the FAME program.  This course is offered in a 3-day format on the Decatur campus.

ORI 105

The ORI 105 course is a three-credit hour Orientation and Student Success course offered in a full-semester format, which lasts just about sixteen weeks. This course is an additional support for students who have special interests, are looking to increase their study skills and personal effectiveness. We offer three difference experiences to ORI 105:

Traditional This course is designed to orient students to the college experience by providing them with tools needed for academic and personal success. Topics include: developing an internal focus of control, time management and organizational skills, critical and creative thinking strategies, personal and professional maturity, and effective study skills for college and beyond.

Minority Male This course is designed for the minority male student to help you transition into college and assist you with the tools to transfer or enter the workforce. This course will help you create a network of fellow students, faculty and staff who may have an experience similar to your own. Classes will include facilitator–led lectures as well as a guest speaker series with emphasis on culture, worldview, leadership and masculinity.

Career Exploration This course is designed to help students explore majors and assist in selecting a career path. This course is also helpful for students who have chosen a major but would like more information on career exploration tools. The course will utilize assessments to understand how your interests, skills, personality, and values relate to majors and careers offered at Calhoun Community College and can be used for transfer. Hear from Career Services about the importance of internships, goal setting and decision making.

Both the ORI 110 and ORI 105 classes cover important topics like:

  • Calhoun Technology (MyCalhoun, Blackboard, and Calhoun email)
  • Policies and procedures
  • Academic Success (Time Management, Note-Taking, Study Skills)
  • Financial Literacy

You will even finish the class with a plan tailored just for you!  Additionally, you will meet other students and get plugged-in to Calhoun. We are certain that this class will help you get off to a great start at Calhoun.

Is it Required for You?

Students meeting one of the following criteria are exempt from Freshman Seminar:

  • Dual Enrollment or Accelerated High School student (once a dual enrollment or accelerated high school student becomes a first-time freshman, they will be required to take ORI 110)
  • Completed an associate or higher degree (verification required)
  • Applied and accepted to ADN, LPN, or Surgical Tech program
  • Enrolled in E.M.T certificate
  • Completed ORI 110 or equivalent at previous institution
  • Transferred to Calhoun with 12 or more college credit hours
  • Presidential Honors Program (Students take an equivalent course)

Course Options

Freshman Seminar does require tuition & fees no matter which format you choose. We offer a traditional and online format (ORI 110 only) for your convenience. The online course does require you to meet with an advisor so be sure to plan for that meeting at least once during the semester.

Check the current schedule for class times and availability! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to an advisor. We look forward to your success.