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High School Students

Calhoun Community College, in conjunction with our area high schools, offers “honor” students the opportunity to enroll for college coursework. Two programs have been approved by the Alabama State Board of Education, the Accelerated High School Student Program and the Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit for High School Student program. Even though the basic criteria for enrollment is similar, each program is unique. Review the following and discuss with your counselor your eligibility and which program best meets your needs.

Accelerated High School Program

Calhoun Community College offers qualified high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Students who attend accredited high schools must meet the criteria listed here:

  1. The student must have successfully completed the 10th grade;
  2. The student must provide certification (form available online at www.calhoun.edu) from the local principal and/or his/her designee that the student has a minimum cumulative “B” average and recommends the student for enrollment;
  3. The student may enroll only in postsecondary courses for which the high school prerequisites have been completed (for example: a student may not take English Composition until all required high school English courses have been completed).

Exceptions may be granted by the Chancellor for a student documented as gifted and talented according to the standards included in the State Plan of Exceptional Children and Youth. Exceptions may only apply to items 1 and 2 noted above.

Students who attend a non-accredited high school must meet additional criteria as listed below:

  1. Comply with items 1, 2, and 3 as noted above.
  2. Provide ACT scores with a composite of at least 16 or total math and writing of 790 on the SAT.

Students who are home schooled are not eligible unless they are under the auspices of an accredited high school and can provide proper documentation of all items noted above.

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit for High School Students Program

The Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit for High School Students program allows qualified students the opportunity to receive both high school and college credit. The program is restricted to qualified students in Alabama high schools and home schools which have signed a working agreement with Calhoun Community College.

Criteria for student eligibility is developed by each individual school system and may be more restrictive than the minimum criteria that follows:

  1. The student must have a “B” average in completed high school courses;
  2. The student must have written approval (application and approval form available online at www.calhoun.edu) of his/her principal and the local superintendent of education; and
  3. The student must be in grade 10, 11, or 12.

Determination of the equivalencies of Calhoun Community College coursework toward high school graduation requirements is at the discretion of the high school system. Typically, one 3-semester hour course equates to one-half unit.

Courses eligible for Dual Enrollment include any college-level courses in English, foreign languages, mathematics, science, or social science; any occupational/technical courses; or any other courses agreed upon by the school system and the college. Students must meet the course prerequisites prior to enrollment in any of these courses including completion of the Calhoun Placement Examination and/or minimum levels on the ACT or SAT in English and Mathematics. Students may not enroll in developmental courses, physical education courses, nor may they enroll in any course on an audit basis under the Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit program.

Students in the Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit program may take their coursework at any Calhoun campus. Students should consult the college’s current course offering schedule or contact the academic advising centers for information on the dates, times and locations of courses. Calhoun also offers courses at selected school campuses. Information is available through local high school counselors.

For additional or more specific information contact your high school counselor, visit the Dual Enrollment Page or contact the Calhoun Community College Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Ms. Gwen Baker at (256) 306-2665 or gwen.baker@calhoun.edu.