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Co-Op Transfer

coop agreement
Alabama A&M, Athens State, Calhoun, UAH & UNA representatives after signing the Co-Op Transfer Agreement

This signing recognizes a collaborative agreement that will allow co-op students at Calhoun Community College wishing to transfer to one of the participating local universities to potentially keep their co-op position with the same employer. Students easily transfer their academic credits through existing agreements, so allowing them to continue in their current co-op role upon entering a local university of their choice will benefit all parties. The Career Services department at Calhoun Community College will serve as the liaison for the student to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Partner Universities

Alabama A&M University Athens State University  UAH The University of Alabama in Huntsville University of Northa Alabama 1830

Contact Information

UAH Candace Phillips Senior Coordinator
UNA Natalie Morrow Manager, Employer Relations & Experiential Learning
A&M Iris Glover-Robinson Career Information Specialist
Athens State Dr. Michael Radden Director, Career Development Center