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Cooperative Learning Partnership

The Cooperative Learning program currently has upcoming graduates and current students who are majoring in various fields. We hope to match these students with local businesses that are searching for candidates in their profession.

What is Cooperative Learning?

The Cooperative Learning Program is an opportunity for employers to build a talent pipeline while filling a current need and for students to gain valuable work experience in their field while earning college credit.

Our Cooperative Learning program provides substantial benefits to employers by presenting:

  • A motivated workforce
  • An opportunity to train potential employees
  • Full-time or part-time employees
  • Flexible timelines
  • An opportunity for the employer to influence the college program
  • A reduction in the costs of recruitment and training
  • A source of a performance appraisal for the student

At Calhoun Community College, we prepare our students for competitive careers. Our goal is for our graduates to earn the credentials that match or exceed industry expectations. On behalf of the Career Services department, I would like to thank you for choosing to conduct business in the Tennessee Valley and for partnering with Calhoun!

Here is a typical timeline of the Cooperative Learning Partnership:

inquiry > submit completed job description > establish timeline with career services staff > resumes are seubmitted to company for review > conduct interviews on campus or at company site final selections are made a pre-employment screenings/trainings are conducted by the company

Do you offer a parallel or alternating format?

Due to the nature of our college and for the benefit of our students, we offer a flexible parallel schedule that allows students to work while attending school.

How do I become a Co-Op employer?

Interested in a Co-Op? Complete the Co-Op inquiry form and Career Services will be in touch with you.

Which students are eligible to become Co-Ops?

Any current degree-seeking student who meets the Co-Op application requirements.

What is the minimum time commitment for a Co-Op student?

The minimum Co-Op job assignment is 12 weeks. After that time, if the student has been given feedback but is not meeting the expectations of the organization, their assignment can be discontinued. On the flip side, students who prove to be an asset are eligible for renewal until graduation.

Does a student have to be enrolled full-time as a student to participate in Co-Op?

Students do not have to be full-time to be eligible for Co-Op; however, they do have to be enrolled in a class towards their degree.

Can a current employee of my company be considered a Co-Op?

Please contact Career Services to discuss further.

Do I have to pay a Co-Op student?

Yes, the positions we offer through our Co-Op program must be paid.

How long does the process take?

It varies. On average, most Co-Ops can be placed in four to six weeks depending on the company’s timeline.

How many hours can a Co-Op student work per week?

A minimum of 20 hours a week must be worked for a student to remain in a Co-Op. Students are required to complete a timesheet to validate these hours. Grades for the Co-Op course are based in part on completing requirements such as the timesheet.

Do I receive an Instructor Recommendation Form for each applicant?

While an instructor recommendation is not required to apply to the Co-Op program, you may request a recommendation as part of the hiring process.

What GPA is required for a Co-Op student?

A minimum of a 2.5 GPA is required to be eligible for a Co-Op program, and a student must maintain a 2.5 or higher to stay in their Co-Op program. An employer has the option to increase the minimum GPA requirement.

Is there a cost to join the Co-Op program?

The employer will cover the student’s pay along with any uniforms or PPE; however, there is no additional cost. An employer has the option to cover (student’s tuition, benefits, etc.) at the company’s discretion.

Do Co-Op students receive academic credit for their experience?

Yes, students will receive credit that is reflected on their transcript each semester they are enrolled at Calhoun and as a co-op.

Do students remain with the same employer during the entirety of the Co-Op assignment?

Students selected for a Co-Op must complete the entire semester at the selected Co-Op. Students who elect to end their Co-Op position must finish the semester and give their employer a 2-week notice. Students who are currently enrolled in a Co-Op program are not considered for another position until they have completed their current semester. Co-Op students are allowed to work multiple semesters at the same Co-Op as long as they continue to meet all requirements and the employer wishes to continue their employment.

Will I have to guarantee a job offer to the Co-Op when they graduate?

Students are made aware that a job offer is not guaranteed; however, successful students often receive a job offer upon graduation.