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Career Presentations for the College Classroom


We have made it easier for students to connect with employers! In this FREE portal, students are able to create an account, build a profile, submit a resume for review and have access to job postings with ease. This portal is available to both current Calhoun students and Calhoun alumni. Students can create an account today: www.calhoun.edu/hirecalhoun

“Fantastic news, ******* called and offered me an accountant position! I doubt I would have even applied to the position if you hadn’t encouraged me to. Thank you so much for your guidance and help through the whole process.” – Calhoun Alumni

Co-Op Opportunities

Cooperative Learning is a structured educational strategy-integrating classroom studies with learning through productive work experiences in a field related to a student’s academic or career goals. It provides progressive experiences in integrating theory and practice. Co-op is a partnership among students, educational institutions and employers with specified responsibilities for each party. In order to promote co-op opportunities to students, we have a 15-minute overview of the advantages of co-op and speak about positions that are available at that time. www.calhoun.edu/coop

Introduction to FOCUS & Discussing Results

An assessment such as FOCUS 2, our free online assessment tool, can help students better articulate their values, interests, skills, and personality. In this 15-minute introduction, we discuss the purpose and benefits of assessments in career planning, demonstrate FOCUS, and distribute a sheet for students to complete and discuss in a later class session. (15 minutes) After completing the FOCUS assessment, students bring summary results and an assigned worksheet to class. We will provide insight into students’ results, answer questions, and show how the instrument can be used as a resource for additional career exploration. (30–45 minutes or based on time available) www.calhoun.edu/focus

Networking and the Informational Interview

Encourage students to get the inside scoop on careers by speaking to people in the field. Personal connections are a vital part of career exploration and planning. Students will learn how to make professional connections and begin to develop a personal networking plan. Informational interviewing allows students to learn about occupations, positions, and organizations. We’ll discuss how and where to find contacts, what to ask, and the importance of following up. (30–45 minutes)

Career Event Promotions

Students report they are most likely to attend events when encouraged by faculty. We would love to visit your class to promote job fairs and career services workshops. Your students will thank you later! (10 minutes)

Hosting Mock Interviews

Sure, we want to prepare students for a productive, fulfilling, long-term career following graduation, but how do we facilitate that environment at the college-level?  With mock interviews, we are able to walk students through the employment process by leading discussions covering job applications, resume building and interviewing skills. Implementing this preparation into your coursework, students will be able to have firsthand experience by completing a mock interview conducted by current employers. Interviews are coordinated by career services and can be utilized in any classroom setting. (Times vary depending on class size)

The process went well and made for a valuable learning experience for us and our students. What started as a simple learning exercise for our class, also opened new opportunities for some select students. The industry lead interviews resulted in some students being called for second interviews and job offers. So far three students have been hired and hopefully more will in the coming days. We once again would like to thank Kelli and Rachel, and strongly recommend this process to everyone.” –Zeb F.

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