Financial Aid Policies

I understand that, by accepting my financial aid award, I give Calhoun Community College permission to use these funds to pay all direct institutional charges incurred incidental to my enrollment.  Please note that significant changes were made to Attendance, Change of Status and Satisfactory Academic Progress which go into effect July 1, 2011.

Availability of Funds:  All financial aid commitments are contingent upon the receipt of total federal and state allocations.

Enrollment Status and Aid Adjustments:  Your Federal Pell Grant will be reduced proportionally if you enroll less than full-time (12 or more hours).  If you withdraw, you will likely have to repay some or all of your financial aid.  If the student withdraws before sixty percent (60 %) of the semester has elapsed, a percentage of aid will be returned to the federal program based on the length of time the student is enrolled prior to withdrawing.  For example, if the student withdraws when fifty percent (50%) of the semester has elapsed, 50 percent of the funds will be returned.  After the 60 percent of the semester has elapsed, the student is considered to have used all aid received for the semester.  Students must enroll halftime (6 hours) to receive student loans.

Attendance:  Attendance is taken for each class meeting.  Students must attend the first day classes meet.  Absences are counted beginning with the first class meeting after the student registers; however, students are responsible for all coursework and assignments made or due from the first day of class.  The policies stated in the course syllabus for a student’s specific class will be the policies for which the student will be held accountable.  Instructors will not withdraw students for any reason.  If a student fails to officially withdraw from a course, this could result in a grade of and adversely affect your financial aid.  Withdrawing from a course is the responsibility of the student.  Therefore, a grade of F will not be changed without written approval from the Vice President of Instruction and Student Success.  Please refer to the college catalog for the complete Attendance Policy.  Note: Students receiving All Fs, Ws and/or Is for the semester, your next semester’s financial aid may be denied.

Change of Status:  Calhoun Community College reserves the right to adjust or cancel any aid if there is a change in the academic or financial status of any financial aid recipient.  If you are receiving a Federal Pell Grant, you must be enrolled in all intended courses by the Last Day to Drop and Add.  No adjustments (increase or decrease) will be made to your Pell Grant award if you change your enrollment status after this date.  If you add courses late in the semester you may be eligible for student loans, but there will be no adjustments to your Pell Grant award.  This also applies to students who drop a course and then decide to re-enroll after the Last Day to Drop and Add.  The only exception to this regulation will be in the case of administrative error.  Also, if you were reported for never attending a class, your aid will be canceled for that class and your Pell Grant award finalized.  If you are permitted to re-enroll, your Pell Grant award will not be increased.  This procedure adheres to Federal Regulations as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.

Payment of Awards:  Grant, loan and scholarships proceeds will be credited to the student account at the beginning of each term according to applicable federal, state and institutional rules and regulations.  The Office of Student Financial Services does not disburse refund checks.  Student aid proceeds are credited to the student’s account and any resulting credit balance is disbursed by the Business Office via BankMobile. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link: Please be sure that your mailing address is correct in Calhoun Community College’s database through the Admission’s Office.

Satisfactory Academic Progress:  Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy as listed on the web and printed brochures in order to remain eligible to receive financial aid.  Students receiving all “Fs”, “W”s and/or ” I”s in a semester may not be eligible for Federal Title IV funds (grants and/or loans) the following semester.  See SAP policy.

Student Employment:  The amount listed on your financial aid award notification for Work- Study is only an estimate of potential earnings.  Students will be paid only for work performed.  Students who do not perform satisfactory work or work the hours assigned will be terminated from the Work-Study program.

Student Loans:  Student loan proceeds will be delivered to the student only for the period indicated on the loan disclosure statement sent by the Direct Loan Servicing Center (LSC).  If a student ceases to be enrolled at least half time, loan proceeds must be returned to the LSC.

Transient Students:  Students from other colleges and universities enrolling only for a few courses and/or during the summer are not eligible to receive Title IV funds.