Faculty Invitation

Service Learning Program

Welcome to the Calhoun Service Learning Program! The Service Learning Program adds practical hands-on experience to the student learning process. Service learning provides faculty members with an optional teaching tool to encourage critical thinking skills in their students. Service learning benefits the College by increasing community awareness. It facilitates a mutually beneficial relationship between the College and the community. Ultimately, the Service Learning Program benefits our community service agencies and gives them a chance to participate in the educational process.  Calhoun’s Service Learning Program is designed to offer students the opportunity to improve academic learning and develop personal skills through participation in structured service projects that meet community needs.  Thank you for your willingness to participate in this program.

If you are interested in participating:

  • Offer the option of a service learning track in your course (ie: 10% or 20%, or whatever you choose of student’s grade)
  • Select one or more agencies of your choice from the list of currently participating agencies and provide contact information to your students.  If you know of an agency that is not listed, but would like to use them, have the agency complete the online Service Learning Agency Application
  • Require that students register with the Service Learning Office by completing the online Student Volunteer Application
  • Have timesheets available for your students
  • Inform students that it is their responsibility to contact the agency to set up an interview time and work schedule
  • Require a minimum number of hours of community service per semester (i.e. 10/20 hours, or whatever you decide to require)
  • Optional – You may want your students to complete an initial short essay on their expectation of the service learning opportunity at the beginning of the course, and/or a detailed exit paper or journal on their reflection of the actual learning experience at the end of the course (this is not required but based on your personal preferences)

As part of the process, the Service Learning Office will require students to complete a timesheet documenting their hours; which will be reported to you before finals to give students their appropriate credit. This form should be submitted to the Service Learning Office (Chasteen Student Services Center room 107) as soon as work is completed. Students are also required to complete a General Release and Waiver of Liability and submit it to the Service Learning office. This form can be printed, scanned and emailed to carla.swinney1@calhoun.edu.