Student Guidelines

Student Instructions and Guidelines

KEEP IN MIND that you MUST do the following:

  1. Complete the online Student Volunteer Application.
  2. Be sure to get your instructor’s guidelines. Different instructors have different criteria for their students as to where they can participate and how many hours they are required to commit.
  3. Fill out and submit the General Release and Waiver of Liability
  4. Contact the agency supervisor (provided by your instructor, or see currently participating agencies list) to set up an initial interview. Let them know that you are a Calhoun student interested in completing your service learning with them. At this point you and the agency will work out a schedule for you to complete your service learning hours.
  5. Print a copy of the student timesheet, (or use the one provided by your instructor) for you to document your service learning hours;
  6. Transportation is the responsibility of the student.  Please be sure you make arrangements for traveling to and from your service learning agency.
  7. Complete the amount of hours required by your instructor. Think of this assignment as a regular job.  Arrive on time prepared to work.  Come appropriately dressed.  If you have a problem and cannot get to work, notify your supervisor as soon as possible. This is a commitment and these agencies depend on you. You have the opportunity to gain some valuable experience while making a difference in your community. Please do NOT wait until the end of the semester to try and do your hours; this does not give the agency time to process your paperwork, nor does it give the Student Services Office time to report your hours to your instructor for credit. All work needs to be complete by NO LATER THAN two weeks after mid-term.
  8. Once you complete your service learning hours, mail/deliver/email your time-sheet to the Service Learning Office (Chasteen Student Services Center, room 107, or as soon as possible in order to obtain your class credit.
  9. Please complete the Activity Feedback Form once you have completed your service learning hours.

NOTE: Confidentiality is an important requirement for workers in many service agencies.  Remember to observe this rule while at the work site as well as when you discuss activities in class or with friends.