The Warhawk Weekly – A Students Guide to Reducing Stress and a profile on Crew Dogs in this week’s issue!

April 11, 2019

A Student’s Guide to Reducing Stress

Laney Mayfield, Contributing writer

With a busy schedule and rigorous assignments, most college students find themselves stressed. Moreover, their stress is usually heightened near the end of the semester, particularly during exam time. Considering it’s almost time for final exams, let’s examine three essential points on how to reduce stress and finish the semester strong.

Be Sure to Get Plenty of Rest

It can be quite tempting to pass up on sleep near finals. However, getting plenty of rest is essential for peak performance. Exam week is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. To ensure optimum energy levels, aim for eight hours of sleep a night.

Do Not Cram

Study material as early as possible to avoid last minute stress. Though your schedule is busy, it is not wise to cram the evening before the final. Studies show that cramming is the least efficient way to prepare for an exam.

Prioritize Your Time

In college, it may seem as though there are not enough hours in the day to study. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, prioritize assignments and study sessions according to your schedule; this way, you can take care of your most urgent demands and plan study breaks.

Crew Dogs

Tatayana Rice

Crew DogsThere is more to Clyde J.R. Barnes than meets the eye.

Instead of choosing a traditional nine-to-five job, Barnes wanted something different, so he became an entrepreneur.  Now, Clyde Barnes owns two successful businesses.

Barnes revealed that he has always tried different avenues and career paths, which led him to start his first business after settling in Huntsville, a lawn care service he called The Ground’s Crew.

When Barnes learned that Calhoun Community College needed a food vendor on campus, he was eager to meet that need, so he created Crew Dogs, and he uniquely connected his second business to his first business by creating a logo for Crew Dogs that includes hot dogs dressed in handyman attire, a reminder of his earlier success.

With the help of students, Barnes created a Facebook page to support the business, and that page generated positive responses.  A recent post shows a new addition to the menu, a vegan spinach wrap.

Now, because of Crew Dogs’ success on campus, Barnes is planning a stand-alone location that will open the beginning of next year.

Clyde Barnes is an inspiration to the next generation of business owners and dreamers because his prosperity shows that with vision and determination, success is possible.

Thanks to the tremendous support that he has received on campus, Barnes has chosen to show his appreciation by giving students who show this article a 15% discount on their order until the end of April.

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