The Warhawk Weekly – First Edition

February 27, 2019

The Warhawk Weekly: Calhoun’s Student News Publication

The Warhawk Weekly meets every Wednesday at 2:30pm / Christian Falcon

Colby Maynor, Editor in Chief

Did you know Calhoun has a student newspaper? Chances are there are countless opportunities you have yet to discover at Calhoun. The school’s newest extracurricular organization seeks to spotlight some of these opportunities and create a positive impact on student life.

The Warhawk Weekly began in 2018 as a student-led initiative to highlight the numerous resources, clubs, and experiences included with being a Calhoun student. Your time at Calhoun Community College can truly be a life-changing experience. At The Warhawk Weekly, we strive to help students make the most of their enrollment by engaging our readers with an ongoing stream of student-generated, informative content.

We are student-run and overseen by faculty. We are also recruiting. We meet every Wednesday on Huntsville campus. DM us on Instagram @TheWarhawkWeekly or send an email to to submit a news tip or learn about joining our editorial board.

Sigma Kappa Delta: The English Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges

Sigma Kappa DeltaCarly Brady, Contributing Writer

As I entered classroom 306, I shook off my umbrella and took a deep breath. It had been raining all day, making me even more nervous walking into the Sigma Kappa Delta (SKD) meeting. I had been to a meeting once before, but it had been a while, and I was unsure what to expect. As I glanced around, I made eye contact with a few people and they immediately gave me a warm smile as I took my seat. In contrast to the dreary weather outside, the atmosphere in the room was positive and inviting. The faculty sponsors, Dr. Christie Burney and Mr. Jordan Taylor, were chatting with the students and welcoming newcomers. After students chose complimentary snacks, the meeting began.

Students in attendance at the SKD meeting listening to Kat Padilla speak. Photo Credit: WW / Carly Brady

Because of all the new faces, the meeting officially began with everyone introducing themselves. Then, the student president Celeste Aquinaga led the meeting according to an agenda that was given to each person in attendance. The meeting was organized, laid-back, interesting, and informative. Any student, whether a member or not, was equally welcome to participate in the discussion.

The meeting included an exciting and informative conversation about the upcoming Spring Writers Series. The discussion touched on the requirements to join and ended with all the advantages and features of full membership.

I had a great experience. If you are interested, contact a sponsor and ask when SKD meets on your campus. You can also find general information regarding membership advantages and requirements here.

The Sigma Kappa Delta banner that is displayed at every meeting at the front of the room. PHoto Credit: WW / Carly Brady

Huntsville Sponsors:

Jordan Taylor

Christie Lamon Burney

Decatur Sponsors:

Leigh Ann Rhea
(256) 306-2940

Julie Sneed
(256) 306-2940

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society: Honors in Action Project a Major Success

J. Colby Maynor, Editor in Chief

WW / Carly Brady

As part of their yearly “Honors in Action” project, Calhoun’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK) collaborated with the Autism Society of Alabama to host “Get Rhythm!” an interactive drumming program facilitated by Birmingham-based, award-winning artist John Scalisi.

The PTK Honors in Action project challenges PTK members to conduct academic research on a chosen topic of common interest and apply their findings by coordinating an event to address a related need in the community.

This year, members chose to learn more about art and its effect on the brain. When students began analyzing the therapeutic effects of music, they discovered research indicating music may have a positive effect on peer-to-peer engagement for those who struggle with socialization due to neurological disabilities.

Based on their findings, PTK planned a fun, musical event on campus for an audience primarily from the Autism Society of Alabama (ASA) advocacy network. As part of an experience that combined rhythm and teamwork, participants came together to make music, memories, and friends.

Students who wish to learn about participating in next year’s HIA project or simply learn more about Phi Theta Kappa are encouraged to contact faculty sponsor

SGA Welcome Back Lunch

J. Colby Maynor, Editor in Chief

Following Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, members of Calhoun’s Student Government Association (SGA) welcomed students, faculty, and staff back to school by serving chilidogs on both campuses.

Because learning can work up an appetite, any student hungry enough to follow the aroma was able to stop by between classes and pick up a free chilidog or hotdog.

To find out when the next free-food giveaway is scheduled, keep an eye on The Bulletin and the campus calendar.

Get a Job! Calhoun’s Career Portal

Laney Mayfield, Contributing writer

The hireCalhoun career portal is a free, online resource that connects alumni and currently-enrolled Calhoun students with employment opportunities.

Kelli Morris, Director of Career Services and Cooperative Learning, calls hireCalhoun “a one stop shop.” After creating an account, students and alumni can begin searching for and applying to any of the listed job openings.

Whether seeking seasonal, part-time, or full-time employment, internships or co-ops, hireCalhoun has it covered.

Any current or former students of Calhoun Community College can access hireCalhoun through their MyCalhoun portal.