“Change and improve your life now! Join an exciting career and profession. Enjoy your life and support your family!”C. Bridge

“Ms. Smith is an outstanding instructor. She is very knowledgeable of the law and requirements of a CDL driver.”G. Welch

“Mary Smith, the instructor, is quite a person. She takes pride in her training. She’s a very hands-on trainer. I would recommend her training to anyone. The program is one of a kind because she makes it that way.”A. Anderson

“I thought the class was going to be difficult. In some areas it was, but Mary made the students comfortable. She built confidence in all of us. I’m glad I took the program here.”R. Ross

“The Calhoun Community CDL program provides excellent hands-on experience that prepares you for a future as a commercial truck driver.”R. Judy

“The Calhoun CDL course is an excellent resource for beginning to learn the trade of truck driving. In my opinion, it is an excellent way to begin earning a good living for an economical price.”C. Crouch

“Very very helpful class, learned a lot, instructor is very knowledgeable” – J. Key

In short, Mary rocks! Outstanding instructor that truly cares and is extremely knowledgeable” – C. Hall

“Professional, detailed, precise.” F. Hiebert

“I believe that this course offers the beginning driver plenty of guidance and patience to complete your training comfortably.” D. Williams

“Fantastic class!” C. Culver

“I think Ms. Mary did an outstanding job! She was very patient, kind, and eager to help! I would recommend Ms. Mary’s class to all!” F. Caudle

“My instructor was very knowledgeable and worked very well to meet my specific needs and goals. Ms. Mary made it easy to learn and made me feel proud to be her student.” – E. Goldthwaite

“I’m very pleased with Calhoun’s CDL program and Ms. Smith and Chasity’s knowledge, training, and support was absolutely amazing!!” Q. Ware

“I love Ms. Mary. She was very knowledgeable, caring, wise, and has a lot of patience. Basically, she knew her stuff. I know that she made sure that I was able to drive safely as a truck driver.” – F. Garcia