Tracking coronavirus outbreak and people's location

Contact Tracing

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Tracking coronavirus outbreak and people's locationContact Tracing for COVID-19 is a 16-hour instructor led online training course that uses an activity-based approach to build and enhance the knowledge base, skills and discipline necessary to effectively conduct contact tracing. This course requires a prerequisite self-paced online course (see prerequisite information below) for the purpose of providing a nationally recognized consistent foundation of knowledge related to COVID-19 and contact tracing.

Through a series of case studies, simulations and role playing, participants will get the necessary practice in a safe environment. A variety of situations and scenarios from mild to wild, gives participants confidence and experience, along with the ability to fail in a safe environment and learn from it moving forward. This will increase the likelihood they will successfully fulfill their role for the community as an effective contact tracer. This will be accomplished by working together in teams and using the process approach of PDCA (plan, do, check, act) to develop, conduct, study and report on all activities. All course materials and activities (FAQ’s, checklists, forms, case studies, simulations, role plays, etc.) will integrate and build upon the following four topics and associated objectives:

The Basics of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

  • Describe what COVID-19 is
  • Describe how to prevent COVID-19 transmission
  • List symptoms of COVID-19
  • Define social distancing, quarantine and isolation
  • Describe the incubation and infectious periods

The Basics of Contact Tracing

  • Define PUI, contact and contact tracing
  • Describe the objectives of contact tracing
  • List four fundamentals of contact tracing
  • Describe the importance of privacy protection
  • Identify the four main steps involved in the contact tracing process

Effective Communication and Interviews

  • Name at least three communication techniques for effective interviewing
  • Explain the importance of showing cultural humility during case interviews
  • Describe how to prepare for an interview
  • Explain the four parts of an interview

Case Monitoring and Resources

  • Explain the difference between the two types of case monitoring
  • Describe potential follow-up activities that may be required during monitoring
  • Identify the types of resources and services that may be provided during the monitoring period
  • Explain what it means to escalate or “refer up” a case that needs more help than you’re able to provide

Prerequisite: length 4 – 6 hours

Making Contact: A Training for COVID-19 Contact Tracers

  • This self-paced introductory online course is for entry-level COVID-19 contact tracers and can be used for use in rapid training of new contact tracers.
  • Participants can access the course using this direct link
  • All the modules for Making Contact: A Training for COVID-19 Contact Tracers are free and accessible to anyone who registers.

This self-paced training will be expanded and enhanced by the 16-hour instructor led virtual course “Contact Tracing for COVID-19” (see above)

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For more information please contact Tony Davis, Workforce Training Specialist at or Houston Blackwood,

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