Injection Molding worker

Injection Molding

Introduction to Injection Molding


Entry Level- Press Operator

  • These operators physically monitor the press
  • Evaluate the final product and facilitate end of process maintenance
  • Transfer finished parts to assembly station or handle value-added assembly

3-Day Training Program

  • Intro to plastics
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Mold management
  • Part cleanup

Mold Technician

  • open for people completing Press Operator Training
  • Designing and installing plastic molds
  • Adjusting flow/temperature into mold

5-Day Training Program

  • Lab 1: Mold tear down and assembly
  • Lab 2: Reading mold prints
  • Lab 3: Cooling cart
  • Selecting a 2-Plate versus 3-plate mold base
  • Understanding in-mold pressure drop and its variables
  • Series versus parallel mold cooling designs
  • Strategies for optimizing mold cooling
  • How to verify turbulent flow
  • Baffles and bubblers
  • Structural considerations in plate deflection
  • Core/cavity alignment and pocketing techniques
  • Ejection strategies for forming undercuts
  • Types of hot and cold runner systems
  • Runner sizing strategies
  • Gate design and location strategies
  • Venting details and strategies

Customized Training

  • Entry Level Press Operator option
  • Mold Technician option
  • Process Technician option
    • Sets parameters of mold and monitors tolerances
    • Remove defects in mold
    • Designed specifically for a company’s process

Call Doug Brazier at 256-306-2938 or email for more information

Location: Calhoun Decatur Campus, Advanced Technology Center