Calhoun Cupboard

Calhoun Cupboard

Calhoun cares about your personal well-being in addition to your academic success!

The Calhoun Cupboard is a resource that provides food, hygiene items, school supplies, and miscellaneous expenses associated with attending college to Calhoun students and employees in need.

The Calhoun Closet is a resource that provides professional and casual clothing for interviews, jobs, or other activities. We also have shoes and accessories.

These services are available on both campuses. All interactions with these resources are completely confidential. Students and employees do not have to prove their need. We welcome the following donations: non-perishable food, hygiene items, laundered and excellent condition clothing, school supplies, gift cards, and money. If you are an employee, you can also have a portion of your paycheck donated to our account through The Foundation. Please contact us at the information below:

Ms. Heather Congo Gilliam
Coordinator of the Calhoun Cupboard
Ms. Kelli Morris
Coordinator of the Calhoun Closet
Location: Career Services