Employer Relations

Welcome, Employers and Job Recruiters!

At Calhoun Community College, we prepare our students for competitive careers, and our goal is that our graduates earn the credentials that match or exceed industry expectations and are prepared to be a productive employee for you. On behalf of the Career Services department, we would like to thank you for choosing to conduct business in the Tennessee Valley and for partnering with Calhoun. The wide array of opportunities in our area makes North Alabama an attractive place to live and work.

hireCalhoun Career Portal

Our career services portal, hireCalhoun, is the fastest way we have for employers to reach our students and inform them about job opportunities. This is the same type of interface that some of the other colleges in our area utilize. We would love to have you register as an employer in our system, which will allow you to recruit your future workforce from the outstanding students and alumni at Calhoun Community College from the comfort of your desk!  This is a wonderful opportunity to add to your recruiting toolkit while connecting with qualified, prepared candidates.  There is no charge to utilize this software.  Download the employer guide and create your hireCalhoun account today!

On-Campus Recruiting Events

We invite you to participate in our spring job fair on our Decatur campus and our fall job fair on our Huntsville campus.  Our job fairs are open to Calhoun students, alumni, and community members.

In addition, we would be happy to arrange a “Meet and Greet” event for your company. This usually involves us targeting current students and/or alumni who match the skill set you are seeking and invite them on campus to meet with representatives from the company to discuss company culture, employment opportunities, and the hiring process. If you have a specific employment opportunity that would be a good fit for a certain degree program, we can distribute information to a targeted group of students who are enrolled in that program.

Additional Opportunities

We also coordinate Calhoun’s Cooperative Learning Program (co-op). Co-op positions are designed to be both educational for the student and beneficial from an employment standpoint for both student and employer. As such, these positions must meet certain criteria. If you are interested in more information about setting up some co-op positions with your company, we would encourage you to fill out the employer inquiry form.

Do you have current employees with the ambition to move up in your company but lack certain skills to do so?  Calhoun’s apprenticeship program may be a good fit.  Career Services staff work with you to determine the courses needed to obtain various skills.  Contact us to discuss the details!

Volunteering and Outreach with Career Services

Each semester we coordinate mock interview experiences for various programs.  In order to provide this service, we rely on recruiting business and industry professionals to serve as mock interviewers.  If you would like to volunteer, please let us know!

We would love to visit you at work! If you are willing to host a small group of students, staff, or both at your company, we would love the opportunity to tour your facility and learn more about your work firsthand.

We occasionally have other opportunities for businesses to work with us in a volunteer capacity for community outreach. Please contact us for more information.