Technical Requirements

Blackboard (Bb)

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Calhoun Community College utilizes the Blackboard learning management system as its official platform for online course delivery. Blackboard is designed to enhance the learning experience and promote collaborative engagement throughout students’ educational career at the college. Blackboard gives you the ability to view videos, articles, documents, and other content as well as submit papers, take quizzes and many other things. Online and hybrid courses require students to use Blackboard on a weekly basis throughout the semester. Blackboard is often used as a component in traditional courses.

Technical Requirements

Calhoun Community College also uses other software applications in online and hybrid courses. They will vary from course to course. In order to ensure that distance learning students can access Blackboard and the other software applications without problems, Calhoun requires that students comply with the following technical requirements:

  • Web and Hybrid courses require basic computer literacy. · Reliable internet connection (Check your internet speed here: Internet speed test by Ookla)
  • The web browser Google Chrome is required for a successful experience in your online or hybrid course. Firefox is also acceptable. If you are not sure what web browser you are using check here: What’s My Browser?
    • Note: The following browsers are not supported and do not work well with Blackboard: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari.
  • For a more in-depth look at the minimum technical requirements please read our Minimum Technical Requirements Document.
  • Chromebooks and laptops running Microsoft 10s do not have the full capabilities of traditional PC and Mac laptops and therefore will not be sufficient for taking online courses. These computers do not allow for downloading non-proprietary applications, as they are cloud based.
    • Note: Microsoft 10 is acceptable. Microsoft 10s is a different version of the operating system.
  • You will not be able to complete an online or hybrid course using only a smart phone or tablet.

Questions about requirements for distance learning courses can be addressed to Distance Learning Services: 256-306-2998 or