Technical Requirements

Blackboard (Bb)

Blackboard LogoCalhoun Community College utilizes the Blackboard learning management system as its official platform for online course delivery. Blackboard is designed to enhance the learning experience and promote collaborative engagement throughout students’ educational career at the college. Bb gives you the ability to view videos, articles, documents, and other content as well as submit papers, take quizzes and many other things. Online and hybrid courses require students to use Bb on a weekly basis throughout the semester. Bb is also often used as a component in traditional courses.

TechSmith Relay

TechSmith Relay LogoTechSmith Relay is an audio/video component used in many online and hybrid classes. Class sessions/lectures recorded in TechSmith Relay can be viewed on demand in part or whole.
In order to ensure that distance learning students can access Blackboard and TechSmith Relay without problems, Calhoun requires that students comply with the following technical requirements:

  • Hybrid and Web courses require basic computer literacy.
  • Computer requirements for hybrid and Web classes include:
    • Minimum of 2 GB memory
    • Reliable Internet connection – cable or DSL (NOT wireless)
    • Microsoft Office: Minimum of 2010 for Windows or 2011 for Mac
  • Students are responsible for confirming that their web browser is properly configured by the first day of class by installing all the plugins listed in the technical requirements document.
  • Technical questions can be addressed to Calhoun’s IT Help Desk: 256-306-2700 (Option 1) or Hours: 7:45 a.m.-5:15 p.m., Monday – Thursday, 7:45-11:45 Friday.